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Eat clean. Train dirty.


As well as providing the highest quality products, we always work in the most sustainable way possible. Green Gains Nutrition sells all its products in 100% compostable packaging. All our pouches are made from biodegradable kraft paper with an air and water barrier on the inside made from cornstarch. This allows you to dispose of the packaging in the organic waste bin after using your product. Furthermore, the labels, glue, personal thank-you cards, business cards and even the scoops that come with our products are also 100% compostable. In addition, our stainless steel shaker is the perfect replacement for the plastic variant, and finally, all our shipping materials are made from recycled paper.

Since 80% of the world’s agricultural land is used to produce meat and dairy products, 15% of all CO2 emissions come from animal farming and approximately 2.7 TRILLION fish (5 million per minute) are caught each year, 40% of them are ‘bycatch’ and 30% of them are only used to feed animals again, which people then eat as meat, dairy or eggs, Green Gains Nutrition only sells 100% plant-based and vegan products in order to be as sustainable as possible with our planet.

Our Standard

Green Gains Nutrition is committed to provide the best service to its customers. The fastest delivery, a personalized service through our contactpage and a Goal Selector that advises you within a few steps which bundle of products best suits your goal, is the standard we use within the company. We only work with the highest quality products, which have been tested in advance by our athletes. Our production takes place in recognized pharmaceutical factories in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. These factories are annually awarded strict certificates such as the FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification) and the highest achievable certificate from the BRC (British Retail Consortium).

Our core values

Animal welfare

Because all our products are vegan, we promote a world where we can co-exist with animals. We believe that meeting our own needs as humans should not come at the expense of animal welfare.

Great taste

By providing great-tasting products, we want to offer our customers a superior value. We believe that after every workout, you should treat yourself with something you can really look forward to.

Your body

Not only do vegan supplements provide you with all the necessary nutrients, but avoiding animal products also has important health benefits. People who eat a lot of plant-based foods, simply grow old healthier, have less risk of heart diseases, lower LDL cholesterol, less chance of high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes, and a healthier weight.

Environment friendly

With our compostable packaging and plant-based nutrients, we aim to co-exist with nature without producing unnecessary waste and leaving behind as little impact as possible. In addition to our own production, we strive to make consumers and other manufacturers aware of their impact.

Our story

When we noticed that many top athletes were replacing their former diets with a vegan diet, we decided to give vegan supplements a try and adapt our diet to a vegetarian one. This led to a healthier feeling, more energy, better protection against weight gain and an overall top experience that resulted in better endurance and faster recovery of our muscles after exercising.

The market for vegan or plant-based products was growing rapidly, although there were still some key products missing. As such, we wanted to create a product that offered a balanced price and quality. Not only did we want a vegan product that supports our bodies and is equally animal-friendly, we wanted to go a step further by making the packaging compostable and as sustainable as possible. This led us to develop a product that is both friendly to our bodies as well as to the environment. We could not be prouder of the result.

Our passion is our work and our work is what we love. Behind this passion are two hard-working and focused entrepreneurs who want to make a difference and inspire the people and companies around them.

Daniel & Pascal

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