Shipping & Returns

How to return a product?

To return the product, send us an e-mail to in the form we will send you.

Green Gains Nutrition only accepts returns from products purchased DIRECTLY at and when it meets the following conditions:

  • The product is sealed and unopened
  • Stating your order number is mandatory
  • Returns are allowed up to 14 days after you have received the product

When the returned product is received at the warehouse, the payment will be made as soon as possible. Returning a purchase is at the consumer’s expense unless the customer had received an incorrect order.

Delivery within the EU

Price overview about the delivery in Europe.
CountryStandard shipping 0 - 1,5 KGStandard > 1,5 KGDelivery time in working days
The Netherlands€ 3,50€ 3,502-3
United Kingdom€ 8,45€ 14,505-7
Germany€ 5,80€ 12,502-4
Belgium€ 5,80€ 12,502-4
Italy€ 5,80€ 12,503-6
Sweden€ 5,80€ 12,503-6
France€ 5,80€ 12,503-6
Denmark€ 5,80€ 12,504-6
Luxemburg€ 5,80€ 12,505-6
Austria€ 5,80€ 12,506-6
Switzerland€ 8,45€ 14,507-6
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